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Environmental & Social Vision

We balance our business vision with the best governance and initiatives towards society. With running fast-growing business, we resolve to integrate Environmental and Social factors within our day-to-day Business Operations. We aspire to incorporate the sustainability into business solutions we create for our customers.

Today, our vision reflects on continuing implementation of Environmental and Social factors, building Sustainable Business performance by 2030.

Environmental & Social Vision

Vision and Aim 2030

Build and Provide Sustainable solutions for development of business and Community.

Our Corporate Priorities


Building Technology to preserve the ecosystem of our Planet and Go Green drives to build a green environment.

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Social Activities

Social Programs are conducted to motivate, inspire, develop and build a healthy community for individuals, disabled and dependents.

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Blood Donation camps
Value for Scarcity of Blood

Blood Donation Camps

Our Company conducts Regular Blood Donation Camps in company headquarter`s. All of our social responsible employees along with their friends and family actively participate in this blood donation camp.

Our Company actively conduct this social activity with cooperation of “Rashtrotthana Blood Bank” every year. Blood Bank issues A Letter of Appreciation for the donors will help in getting blood for future, without needing to go through donate blood for blood procedure.

To Serve Back Our Community a Smile

Donate a SMILE by Donating BLOOD!

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For a Social Cause

Blind School & Old Age Home Camps

Apeiron Global(AG) has taken Initiative to include its Indian Customers, in a Social Cause. Where we will call through all our generous Indian Customers to Contribute and Actively Participate in big “BLIND SCHOOL & OLD AGE HOME CAMPS”

These Camps will be conducted this year through associating with minimum of 100 Active Indian Customers. Along with these associated Contributors & Donors, we will be conducting camps in blind schools and getting all the resources the School requires to run. Even the camps will be conducted at old age homes, where our employees and representatives of our customers, actively fullfil all the resource needs at old age homes.

Cultural and creative activities will be conducted at these camps to spend lot of times with disabled children and old ages folks.

Social Cause Camps

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